warby parker

I decided I was getting bored with my current glasses frames and decided to check out warby parker’s home try-on! You are able to select 5 different frames and they ship them to you  to try out.


These were the 5 I picked out!

{top left}
these are the percey frames in crystal. I have to say even though these are quite unique I really liked the clear frame!

{top right}
these are the fillmore frames in redwood ash.

{middle right}
these are the ripley frames in oak barrel. I noticed in all the pictures I took in these frames I was making kind of a goofy face. they don’t look so bad in the picture, but they are super round! kind of remind me of modern harry potter glasses!

{bottom right}
these are the coley frames in woodgrain tortoise. I would say these are the most similar to the frames I currently have.

{bottom left}
these are the ames frames in whiskey tortoise. I really really liked these. I have been eying some half rim frames for a while now. However, these ones are much too wide for my little face.

Doing the home try-on was really fun! I think I may need to do another round before I find my new pair of frames. I made sure to order a frame in each width size so I could know what size fit me best. {either narrow or medium would be my go to width} I would say my only complaint is that not every frame is available for the home try on. It was a bummer when I really liked a frame but it was not eligible. However, I definitely still recommend it!

Would love to hear your thoughts! Are any of these frames winners or should I try again?




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