pinspiration: using the website pinterest to find inspiration

can I just say I love pinterest! but what girl doesn’t? pinterest has been a big money saver for me. while some people lust after others clothing and go splurge on things they don’t need I find inspiration from pinterest for things I already have in my closet! below are four pictures I found on pinterest and how I recreated them!

{I tried to link as much as I could but since these items were already in my closet most of the exact items pictured are no longer available!}

jacket {last year old navy. similar here}, sweater {old from tj maxx}, jeans, necklace {old from walmart} , boots


cardigan {exact color not available}, dress {gift bought in Norway. similar here, here, and here}, flats {old from target. similar here}


scarf {handmade by me}, blazer {old from target. similar here}, button down {old from kmart. similar here}, jeans, boots


leather jacket {old from target. similar here}, dress {old from forever 21. similar here},  boots , bag {old from target. similar here}

pinterest has been a huge help when it comes to styling outfits. I often will pick out a staple item from my closet and search for outfits that include that item. {example: type in ‘leather jacket outfits’ and voila! hundreds of styled outfits} It helps me to look at my current closet with fresh eyes! Hope this will help you too!









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