this past week my husband {Andrew} was on spring break from grad school. it was a much needed break as his program is very rigorous! I decided to take a few days off of work so we could go on vacation. originally we had wanted to go to Arizona to spend some time in the sun but we felt like that type of vacation wasn’t the best financial decision for us at this time. we decided instead of a VACATION we would go on a STAYCATION.

I am sure there are different opinions of what a staycation is but this is how we did it!

|1| pick somewhere you can drive to. our location was just under 4 hours away. {Grand Forks, ND} it was far enough to feel like we were “going” somewhere but not too far that we were dying to get out of the car. we also took advantage of making little pit stops in the towns we passed through. If you’ve ever been to Minnesota or North Dakota you may have noticed we have this thing with abnormally large statues. whenever we drive to see our families we drive past this great big buffalo statue in Jamestown, ND. normally we are in a hurry to get to where we are going so we never stop but this time we decided to go check it out!

image (16)

|2|  spend a little more on the hotel. because we didn’t have to pay for plane tickets or a rental car we decided we could afford to splurge a little on our hotel room. our room was a two bedroom suite with a jacuzzi tub and a fireplace! I had never stayed in a room like that so it was really fun to feel a little luxurious. surprisingly, we only paid $50 total extra to have that suite vs. a standard room! I thought it was absolutely worth it! {we stayed here}

|3| do not make too many plans. this was a hard one for me! I really like to plan and know what to expect for the day. because we weren’t too far away we actually knew quite a few people that live in the place we were staying in. we decided not to tell them we were going to be in town. that may sound silly, but it is hard to know how you are going to feel on vacation so it is nice to not have too many commitments. we did end up visiting my good friend/cousin at her work and going out to coffee on our last full day with a fun couple we hadn’t seen since our wedding! we loved having the ability to meet up with friends but also loved not feeling pressure to see people if we weren’t up for it.

one plan we did make was going to a University of North Dakota hockey game! it was so fun to go to the game on our last night in town. there literally is not a bad seat in the arena {we would know because we were five rows from the very back!} if you like hockey put it on your bucket list because it is THAT fun!


|4| check out the local places. when we are at home Andrew and I rarely go out for dinner. when we do though,  I really enjoy exploring new places that are local! for dinner we ventured out to the Blue Moose one night and Rhombus Guys another night. both places were delicious! we also walked around downtown and visited some boutiques. the original Kittsona boutique is in downtown Grand Forks and is incredible. I really enjoyed trying on new spring styles in their MASSIVE fitting room.

|5| relax + enjoy one another. we spent a ton of time just hanging out together in our hotel room. during the normal week we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. usually we hang out from whenever I get home from work until 7 then he is off to study! spending more than two hours together in a row was just the best! no dishes to do, meals to make, or laundry to fold. just my husband and I with no distractions.




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