spring dresses

the other day I went into target and was blown away by the amount of adorable dresses they have this season! I went into the dressing room with about a dozen dresses and these were the top contenders. all dresses {and rompers} are currently buy one get one 50% off!

image (19)

the material of this dress is a little bit thicker which is perfect for north dakotan springs!

image (18)

this dress has a really trendy lace up detail in the front {hard to see in the pic sorry!}

image (20)

I am actually super excited about rompers being back in style!

{this exact one was on clearance but I’m loving these as well! one, two}

image (17)

this one is one of my favorites! i just love the colors

image (16)

this was on clearance so i bought it instantly. it is so feminine i love it!

the last few days we were absolutely spoiled with temperatures nearing the 70s! even though we are back to the 40s this week I can feel that spring is on its way. have a wonderful Tuesday friends!



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