verismo by starbucks

coffee. need I say more?

{this little coffee corner is definitely my favorite space in our apartment}

last year for Christmas Andrew’s parents surprised me with a starbucks verismo system. I had actually never heard of this machine {keurigs were all the rage} but was excited to give it a try. I instantly fell in love with the fact that not only could I make coffee, but I could also make my favorite lattes and mochas! an espresso machine was something I had wanted for a while and was excited about this 2 in 1 system.

the verismo works much like a keurig. you buy individual ‘pods’ {found at bed bath and beyond as well as all starbucks stores} allowing you to have fresh brewed single serve coffee at home. however, you are also able to buy espresso pods to make fun drinks! I have been using my starbucks verismo system for over a year now and absolutely love it! I would say the only negative I can even think of is their milk pods for espresso drinks. don’t bother with them. it is powdered milk so the taste is not my favorite. I prefer iced coffee so I just use cold milk, but they do sell a milk frother which would definitely be worth the investment. if you are in the market for a new coffee maker check this one out!

here are some of my favorite coffee recipes using my starbucks verismo system.

|iced caramel macchiato|

2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup

6 oz cold milk

1 espresso pod

drizzle of caramel sauce

handful of ice

|iced white mocha|

2 tablespoons of white chocolate sauce

1 espresso pod

6 oz cold milk

handful of ice

|iced raspberry white mocha|

{my version of caribou coffee’s berry white mocha}

1 tablespoon white chocolate sauce

1 tablespoon raspberry syrup

6 oz cold milk

1 espresso pod

handful of ice






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