product review



naked basics: i received this eye shadow palette from my best friend for my birthday! i had heard so much praise about the urban decay palettes that i was excited to see if i could tell a big difference compared to my drugstore eyeshadow. i love it! the pigment is awesome and i really like that all of the shades are matte. i would say it is definitely a step up from any drugstore eye shadow I have tried in the past. if you don’t want to commit to the full naked palette i would definitely recommend this one!


kenra 25:i bought this hairspray after hearing Kate from The Small Things Blog talk it up for years. originally, i had bought a travel size just to see if i liked it. i really did like it and decided to buy the larger can. the 25 states what kind of hold it has. {the larger the number the stronger the hold} unfortunately i would not agree that this is a 25 hold. the nozzle also clogs up horribly!  i will not be buying this again.


ponds: i have always been super bad at moisturizing my face. i have very acne prone skin and was convinced that moisturizing my skin would encourage even more oil production and ultimately more acne. however, that is very untrue and likely my skin is over producing oil because it is so dry! this year i have made a point of moisturizing my skin and have recently started using this one from ponds. my only complaint is that is has a pretty strong ‘floral’ scent to it but other than that it has been a great product!


urban decay eyeshadow primer potion: since i started using the urban decay eye shadow i thought i may as well go all out and see how their primer worked. {i accidently bought the anti aging one. i decided to keep it because i figured it can’t hurt to start that a little early. you can find the original one here}  so far i can’t say i have noticed too much of a difference. i will keep you updated on this one, but for the price I’m just not sure I’m sold on it. honestly i really wanted to try mac’s paint pot but would have had to order that. usually my eyes are the most neglected part of my make up routine but since i have gotten some fun products I’ve had a blast experimenting and learning from other bloggers and make up tutorials.


maybelline master contour: this product was one that i was really excited to try! contouring is so trendy right now. i had really wanted to try Maskcara’s IIID foundation but decided to try this less expensive drug store brand first. the pigment in this palette is amazing. i am so impressed maybelline! a little truly does go a long way. the blush shade is gorgeous but the contour is more like a bronzer which honestly i don’t really mind it just isn’t what it is ‘supposed’ to be.  the brush it comes with is pretty worthless. i could see using it for the highlighter but that is about it.

i would love to continue to do product reviews periodically. if there is a product you are interested in let me know and I will try it out! Thanks for stopping by today!




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