{Q & A}

where do you live?

andrew and i moved to bismarck, nd in june 2015 so he could start grad school for physical therapy. before that we lived in fargo, nd but i am originally from alexandria, mn.

what made you want to start a blog?

i have a huge love for fashion and beauty products. i started following blogs my freshman year of college starting with ‘the small things blog.’ {which i found on pinterest}  i saw how fun it was for these bloggers to share their new outfits, product reviews, and other lifestyle posts. because andrew would be spending most of his time studying,  i thought starting a blog would be a good way for me to share my creative side and fill my down time. i have learned a lot and it is still a work in progress but i am so excited to have you all following along!

who takes your photos?

my husband! the majority of the time my blog has been up and running it has been winter. because of that most of my pictures have the same background in a corner of our apartment. i am hoping to get more adventurous and improve that aspect of my blog. {bare with me!}

do you work in a salon?

i received my cosmetology license in july 2013. i have actually never used my license or worked in a salon. i am so glad i went to cosmetology school and it was an awesome experience. i will have those skills forever and i know my family will benefit from it. however, i saw it more as a hobby and not a passion for a career. will i ever work in a salon? maybe. but as of right now it is not in the plan.

where are your favorite places to shop?

i really enjoy shopping but also like to get a good deal. old navy and target are my go to stores. their price point is very reasonable and I’ve been happy with the quality as well. when i lived in fargo i did a lot of shopping at forever 21. i still get most of my basics there but that is about it. i have found myself looking at nordstrom, nordstrom rack, and j crew factory’s websites more recently too!

what would you consider to be 5 wardrobe essentials in your closet?

chambray shirt, a good pair of dark wash skinnies, green cargo jacket {they have this in vest form at target right now and i’m thinking i need it for this summer!}, comfortable wedges, fun print dress

what are some of your hobbies…besides shopping?

in the winter, i love to knit! i mostly knit scarves but have made hats and baby blankets as well. i play the piano and also sing on the worship team at our church. i’ve been going to a barre fitness class at our local ymca and LOVE it! i think i have to consider coffee as one of my hobbies. i love making new drinks at home and going on coffee dates with friends!



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