andrew and i recently celebrated our first anniversary! looking to that day i was bummed to think that we didn’t save any of our wedding cake. {ugh! who forgets to do that?} we had a traditional Norwegian cake {kransekake} for our wedding which is not very common to find in a normal bakery. although i was able to find a bakery in fargo that would make it for our wedding {thank you Nichole’s Fine Pastry}, i simply could not find any place in Bismarck that would! so what did i do? attempted to make it myself!

the traditional recipe calls for 1 pound of almonds blanched and ground. {seriously ain’t nobody got time for that} so instead i found a recipe that used almond paste which i was able to find at our local supermarket.


typically, kransekake is made with ring forms but you can also form them by hand!


here was my final result!


it definitely isn’t perfect {i should really work on my icing skills..} but it was so fun to have it for our anniversary! I’m thinking i might buy myself the ring forms and make this every year for our anniversary. one of the traditions with this cake is for the bride and groom to lift the top layer of the cake at their wedding. the number of cake rings that stick to the top one when they lift it is said to be the number of children the couple will have. we forgot to do this at our wedding so decided to try it and had 3 of the rings stick together. i guess time will tell if that is accurate 🙂

find the recipe here!



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