crushin’ on |4|


pineapple, cami, vest

i can’t believe it is already going to be MAY tomorrow! this spring has flown by but i am super excited to be one month closer to summer. here are the latest things I’ve been crushin’ on!

bismarck opened their second caribou coffee & einstein bagel shop. it is up closer to where we live so obviously i am thrilled! since the weather is warming up, my current drink of choice is the iced berry white mocha. it is SO good and it is pink which, to me, looks like summer in a cup.

pineapples are everywhere right now and i am obsessed. this pinepple candle is from target and comes in a super cute coral color as well. i also just bought this shirt. other pineapple things i have my eye on are this rug,  this kitchen towel, and this phone case. {too bad im stuck in the olden days and still have my iphone 4s…}

let me just say that every blogger ever currently has this cami and i can totally see how essential it is for the spring and summer. i just can’t justify spending $30 on a cami. so if y’all come across something similar that is more affordable let me know!!

i ordered this vest last friday when target had 40% off their merona brand. i am super excited to get it! i have a green cargo jacket that i pretty much lived in this fall so i figured i would get a ton of use out of the vest version as well. i’ll let you know what i think when it arrives. {*update* TARGET CANCELLED MY ORDER!  sorry to yell but I am so disappointed. apparently it became unavailable right after I ordered it. I love target but seriously I’m peeved…}



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