hilton head island


if you are looking for an inexpensive, family friendly vacation this is the place! andrew and I went here for our honeymoon and I would love to go back in the near future.  we stayed in a villa in south beach inside the sea pines resort.


these shops and restaurants were right across from where we were staying. the buildings are absolutely adorable! {my jumpsuit is from target and is so super comfy!}


the beach by our resort was pretty quiet! on our last day we drove to coligny beach park which was a bit busier. there are also jelly fish EVERYWHERE. they were mostly washed up on the shoreline but I have never seen so many in my life!


we made sure to rent bicycles for the week! there are bike trails all over the island and you are also able to bike on the beaches. {which is a quite the workout so we didn’t last very long!} we probably biked close to 10 miles a day on the trails exploring the island. we saw this alligator sun bathing on one of our rides!

{left} our resort had a restaurant called the salty dog café. it is based off of the “legend of Jake-the salty dog.” so these hats are everywhere. eventually you just have to put one on and pose!

{right} if you know anything about my husband you know that he LOVES sharks. originally we just admired this shirt from afar but by the end of the week we brought it home.

some things we would suggest you do on your trip are:

  1. rent bikes. it is so worth it!
  2. go on a dolphin tour. we wanted to do this really bad but there was a tropical storm coming in and the water was too rough! next time we will be doing that for sure. you can also see manatees on the tour which I think is the coolest thing ever.
  3. eat at giuseppi’s pizza and get dunkin donuts!
  4. go on a tour of the island. we aren’t really big history buffs but we did go on a trolley ride and thought it was interesting to hear the history of the island.
  5. enjoy your hobbies. we spent a lot of time reading at the pool because that is what we enjoy! there are all kinds of opportunities {golfing, tennis, horseback riding} find things that you two can enjoy together!



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