chalk paint

painting furniture with chalk paint has become very popular in the DIY world.  i have seen people use it on all kinds of projects from small ones, such as painting the legs of dining room chairs, all the way to kitchen cabinets. in our years of college Andrew and i always had roommates so when we got married we realized that we didn’t own very much to furnish our apartment. our side tables next to our bed were black and we also had a huge dresser in a very light wood color. it didn’t look good at all. after browsing on pinterest i decided to give chalk paint a try. the best part: no need to prep the surface!

chalk paint

i used this paint in the color elephant and this wax. you can find it at your local walmart in the craft section. {for reference, i used 2 bottles of paint and 1 bottle of wax for my project}

when you live in a small apartment with no garage your kitchen becomes a craft room. i also forgot to snap a before picture but you can see the original wood color in this photo!

image (32)

i would say the most important part of this project was the wax. it seals the paint in and prevents it from chipping or rubbing off. i used strips of a cotton t shirt to apply the wax.

Here is the finished product!

image (33)

using chalk paint was such an easy and inexpensive way to give our dresser a new look! this paint worked great for my project however, if you are using chalk paint on something with more value {like your kitchen cabinets} i would suggest using a higher quality paint such as Annie Sloan. hope this gives you some inspiration for an easy project!



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