dress for your body type: i am pear shaped

welcome to my new series ‘dress for your body type.’ in the next few weeks i will be going through the different body types and helping you determine what pretty pieces would be the most flattering on you. i’m starting with my body shape: pear! this means that my hips are more than 10 inches wider than my waist and my bust is not significantly wider than my waist. {bust: 33in, waist: 26 in, hips: 38 in} find your shape using this calculator.

for this body type, the goal is to balance your proportions. we want to emphasize your top half while slimming you bottom half.


horizontal stripes and v neck or u neck tops will help broaden your shoulders to balance out your hips

embellishments at your neck or shoulders help bring the focus upward

tops that cinch at the waist will give you beautiful lines

*avoid dropped waist or shapeless tops*


A line skirts accentuate your tiny waist while trimming your hips

dark wash jeans will slim your hips and a straight cut will accentuate your curves just the right amount

*avoid embellishments on your jean pockets as this will draw attention to your lower half*

*avoid capri pants. these will make your legs appear shorter making you seem bottom heavy*


wrap dresses hide any problem areas and bring out your curves

fit and flare dresses show off your small waist


heels will make you appear taller and slimmer

hope these tips help you dress your already beautiful body! what body type should i dress next?






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