dress for your body type: i am an apple

welcome back to the ‘dress for your body type’ series! if you missed last weeks post on the pear shape find you can find it here!

today we are dressing the apple shape! for this body type, you are fuller around your middle and bust. the goal will be to create a defined waist and long lines. {don’t know your body type? use this calculator to find out!}


empire waist will cinch you in at your smallest part {typically under your bust} and flow nicely over your midsection

v neck tops or other neckline embellishments help bring the focus above your midsection

patterned tops can help camouflage your tummy

*avoid slim fitting tops that will cling to problem areas*

*avoid baggy tops! there are always ways to enhance your figure don’t cover yourself up!*


relaxed fit with embellishments and back pockets. these embellishments will help give your back end some nice shape.

knee length {or longer} a line skirts help to give you a defined waist and keeping the length at or below your knee will slim you out and give you those long lines

bootcut jeans will balance make your bottom half proportionate to your top half

*look for pants with zippers on the sides. this will help you avoid anything extra near your midsection {such as buttons or pleats}*


dresses with an elevated waistline such as an empire waist or a line will give you a defined waist where you are the smallest and flow over your midsection in a flattering way

wrap dresses will give you a defined waist and the ruching detail will hide any problem areas

hope these tips help you be confident and comfortable in your body!







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