dress for your body type:i am the straight shape

new week, new body type! if you missed the last two posts in the series you can find them here-> {apple shape, pear shape}

for this shape your bust and hips are no more than 9 inches wider than your waist. if this is you, the goal is to create some curves!


off the shoulder tops {which are super popular this season} will lengthen your shoulders and create an illusion of a small waist

peplum tops will create curves at the hips

small keyhole in front will make your bust appear fuller

tops with collars, ruffles or any type of embellishment at the neckline or on the sleeves

*avoid vertical stripes as they will discourage the appearance of curves*


form fitting pencil skirts will accentuate any curves you have

bottoms with pleats will make your lower half fuller {in a good way!}

skinny jeans will bring out curves in your hips

boyfriend jeans look best on this body type

*avoid large flare jeans as they will throw off your proportions*


this shape can rock the shift dress!

shirt dresses with their collars, button down and tie waist are perfect

dresses with sweetheart necklines

one of my favorite bloggers {alyson haley from sequins and things} considers herself to have a straight body shape. she is so good at giving herself the illusion of curves on her petite body! if this is your body shape follow her for inspiration!

hope this helps bring out your feminine curves!








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