dress for your body type: i am an hourglass

this is the fourth and final body type in my series ‘dress for your body type.’ i decided to do the hourglass shape last because it is the least common body type. in our culture, this body shape is considered “ideal” but as we have seen in my last posts there is always a way to flatter your shape no matter what shape you are. {if you missed my last posts you can find them here-> straight, apple, pear}

for this shape your hips and bust are close to the same size and your waist is significantly narrower. you are one curvaceous mama! our goal is easy: show your curves!


form fitting tops {consider adding a belt to show off you tiny waist even more!}

flowing tops that cinch at the waist

wrap style tops will flow beautifully with your curves

top with either a v-neck or scoop neckline. these styles will slim the neck and chest and will make you appear smaller and slimmer.

*avoid tops that don’t have any shape as they will make you look ‘boxy.’*

*avoid high necks {such as turtlenecks} that will make you look top heavy*


basically any pants will look great on you as long as they are fitted

bootcut or straight leg will keep you looking proportionate

pencil skits that fit snug in the waist {this can be a feat since your waist is so much smaller than your hips}

*avoid baggy unstructured bottoms*


body con dresses will show off your curvy figure

wrap dresses will flow beautifully with your curves

this body type doesn’t have too many restrictions. it is all about finding clothes to accentuate what you already have. hope this series has been helpful for you!





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