old navy sale

old navy is currently having a 40% off sale online with code COOL40! I am a little late in announcing this because the sale ends TONIGHT. However I did round up these 5 items i love that amount to just about $100.

cn11706709I’ve had my eye on this romper ever since it appeared on their website. it is a perfect piece for transitioning from summer to fall.


okay. this little number paired with a jean jacket *heart eyes*


these are the midrise rockstar skinny jean. literally the best fitting jeans I have ever put on! they are finally coming out with more styles and I am thrilled!


these longer cardigans are really popular this year! I haven’t tried one yet but I am curious to see if I would like it or not.


these lace up flats are everywhere! I love that they are coming out with some fall colors.

I hate to say it but after these weeks of 100 degree weather and ridiculous humidity I think I might be ready for fall. did I just say that?! the clothes are just way too cute to wait for.



giveaway time!

those pretty pieces turned one!


those pretty pieces began as an instagram account {@thoseprettypieces} and has slowly changed over the past year into a blog. i told myself that if after a year i still enjoyed writing about pretty pieces i would purchase my domain name. now, instead of finding me at thoseprettypieces.wordpress.com i will be thoseprettypieces.com it is so exciting to see even these little changes!

as a thank you for following along over the past year i wanted to do a giveaway! i will be giving away a $10 caribou gift card to one lucky winner. here is how you enter:

  1. head to my facebook page by clicking here  {or search for those pretty pieces} and like the giveaway post!
  2. tag 3 friends in the comments so they can enter too!
  3. follow me on instagram @thoseprettypieces

tada! you’re entered! the giveaway will close at 10pm on sunday 7/24 and the winner will be announced on monday. good luck!


**congratulations to Tracey Krueger for being the winner of this giveaway!**

nordstrom anniversary sale

I kept going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to make a post about the nordstrom anniversary sale. their fall line is SO cute but 95% of it is still out of my price range even with the sale. I think Abby from Twist Me Pretty said it bestA $600 bag that’s now $300!  YES!  Psych.  I could feed my family for weeks on $300 bucks ha ha!!!” for real though. I did however find some fun things all under $100 and most under $50. the #nsale is open to the public this Friday {7/22} and they have free shipping both ways!


grey hat|red hat|cardigan|dress|happy camper|vest|booties|blouse

there were a few other items that i really liked but they already sold out during early access. basically through my browsing i realized two things. 1. i’m really diggin’ that burgundy color 2. i NEED that grey hat. happy shopping!


summer beauty favorites


Loreal carbon black

I first bought this mascara for my wedding and love it! I tried buying another brand but instantly went back to this one. it does wonders for my short lashes.

NYX HD concealer

I had been using this cover stick forever but was feeling like it was too thick and heavy for my skin. i heard great reviews about the NYX concealer so decided to give it a try. big fan of the coverage and how it wears!

Neutrogena healthy skin

this foundation is full coverage and contains 20 spf!

elf foundation brush

i had a daily struggle with my last foundation brush because the bristles kept falling out onto my face. i grabbed this one at Target thinking for the price i might have the same problem. nope! this one is awesome.

elf brow pencil

i don’t fill in my brows a ton but they are a little sparse toward the middle. i’ve been super happy with this product. especially the brush on the end!

Maybelline electric pink

this color is BRIGHT but it is so fun for summer!

its friday! we are headed out to the lake after work to hang out with friends from college for the weekend. can’t wait to catch up with them and eat zorbaz pizza. {if you’re ever in Minnesota make sure to try it!}


stitch fix no. 3





happy monday! hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. this was the first weekend in a month that andrew and I actually stayed in bismarck. summer is always such a busy time of year but I love it!

normally i would do a big blog post of everything i received in my stitch fix. unfortunately some of the items didn’t fit or weren’t particularity my style. this top however was a winner! i love the laser cut detailing and the fact that i can wear it to work. obviously since this is the third time I’ve ordered a fix I really enjoy it! I totally recommend you give it a try. click here to get started. if you receive your fix before July 28th you’ll get $25 towards your purchase.


*check out stitch fix and stich fix no.2*

pt student wife life

hello, I came across this blog post written by Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing called  The Sweetest Thing: 8 Tips For Surviving Residency. while I was reading this I felt like it applied so well to my life. y’all this girl gets me!  even though Andrew is a physical therapy student and not a medical resident, I found myself relating to Emily on multiple points. I could definitely talk about all of them but I will just touch on four that stuck out.

1.  flexibility: Andrew’s coursework is MUCH more rigorous than it was in undergrad. we often get to spend time together from 5pm-7pm  and then he is off to study until bedtime. he has gotten really good about warning me when a week is going to be super busy and encouraging me to make plans with friends. vise versa when his coursework is going to be light, i free up my schedule to spend as much time with him as possible.

2. independence: if you know me well you know that i do not like to be alone. im not very good at entertaining myself and get lonely quick. because i knew that about myself, i knew i needed something to keep me busy. that is how those pretty pieces came to be. it gave me an outlet for my creativity and gave me a hobby to do while Andrew was busy studying. I also joined the worship team at my church which practices Thursday nights! on Monday, Andrew starts his first clinical. it is in our town which is so great that he doesn’t have to leave. however, next summer his clinical is out of town and we will be apart for 8 weeks. I don’t enjoy being a part from him for a weekend let alone 8 weeks so I know that will be a challenge.

3. comparison is the thief of joy: this one hit me. we see friends around us buying homes, starting their families, and not driving beat up cars from the 90’s. it is tough to see them in a stage of life we would so love to be in. Andrew and I often call this time of life the “sacrifice stage.” we have to sacrifice time together so he can study, a home for apartment living, stay at home mom for 40 hour/week job. my absolute dream job is to be a stay at home mom and I am super excited to be able to do that when Andrew is done with school. right now though, we just have to be content in the stage we are in and enjoy it as much as possible. we will never get this time back so we try very hard not to compare our lives to others. everyone’s situation is SO different and you just have to do what is best for your family.

4. be a cheerleader: Emily said “I consider it my job to cheer him on & remind him that he’s making a huge difference in people’s lives.Andrew is big on words of affirmation {if you haven’t read the 5 love languages I totally recommend it!} and I strive to find ways to encourage him with my words. there are times when he is just so sick of studying and not being able to go to events he would like to be at. that’s when I go into his office and tell him what a hard worker he is and how he is going to be such an amazing physical therapist. I am so proud of him and want to be his biggest cheerleader!

not only am I sharing this because I feel like she hit it spot on, I am also writing this to give friends and family a glimpse into our life. sometimes this stage is really hard but I am so thankful God has Andrew and I here and know the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.



*if you haven’t checked out Emily’s blog click on the link above. she has such great style and their dog fitz is adorable!*