nordstrom anniversary sale

I kept going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to make a post about the nordstrom anniversary sale. their fall line is SO cute but 95% of it is still out of my price range even with the sale. I think Abby from Twist Me Pretty said it bestA $600 bag that’s now $300!  YES!  Psych.  I could feed my family for weeks on $300 bucks ha ha!!!” for real though. I did however find some fun things all under $100 and most under $50. the #nsale is open to the public this Friday {7/22} and they have free shipping both ways!


grey hat|red hat|cardigan|dress|happy camper|vest|booties|blouse

there were a few other items that i really liked but they already sold out during early access. basically through my browsing i realized two things. 1. i’m really diggin’ that burgundy color 2. i NEED that grey hat. happy shopping!



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