if any of you follow me on social media, you’ll know that we took a little camping trip with some friends to Medora. this is the 2nd annual Medora camping trip and we had such a blast! all of us met at NDSU and were involved in a campus ministry called Cru. there is never a dull moment with these guys and we have go pro footage to prove it!

if you’ve never been, Medora is a cute town in the Theodore Roosevelt national park. it is a hopping tourist place in the summer that is known for its nightly musical. {and ice cream in my opinion. we made sure to get it every day!} even though there are hotels, we opted to tent for a little more adventure. and adventure is what we got when it stormed all. night. long!

this year we decided to take a hike to the Petrified Forest. {wood that has turned into rock} it was about 90 degrees with little to no wind but we did it!  pictures just don’t do this place justice. it is such a little gem in the otherwise flat plains of North Dakota.

hope you’re all soaking up these last few weeks of summer!




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