introducing: stitch fix for men

Recently stitch fix announced stitch fix for men! beforehand, stitch fix only offered women’s clothing and accessories and I am so excited to see them expanding {they are also launching plus sizes spring 2017!} my husband is so supportive of me and my blog and agreed to help me out and order a fix so I could give y’all a preview!


he received these black jeans and pocket henley. Andrew is tall and slim so I figured there was no way these jeans would fit him. however, they actually fit really nice and were long enough! {which never happens} they also had a rubber strip in the back pocket to keep your wallet secure which we thought was a cool feature. I thought this shirt looked really nice on him but he isn’t a fan of henleys.


next was this plaid button up. this shirt fit him really well but we both agreed that the color was not a winner.


as most of you know, Andrew is a student so his fix was more on the casual side. they sent him this polo and zip up hoodie which I paired with his favorite PF flyer sneakers. {sandlot anyone?} I think what I was most impressed with was that every item fit him! he can have a hard time finding clothes that fit him well.

I’m thinking stitch fix for men is going to be a big hit! maybe you’re a guy who enjoys style and wants something “different” than what you can get locally. maybe you just hate going to the mall but need some new clothes. maybe you’re a wife {fiancé, girlfriend etc} and are wanting to revamp your mans wardrobe. whatever category you fit into give it a try. click here to get started! what did you think of Andrews fix?


*this post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated. as always all opinions are my own*

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