thankful for..

happy thanksgiving! there are so many things to be thankful for and i decided for 2016 that i would list 16 things i am thankful for.

|1| my husband

|2| my family

|3| friends {especially those in Bismarck. i am so thankful for community here!}

|4| our church

|5| those pretty pieces {the blog has been a huge creative outlet and something fun to do while Andrew studies.}

|6| good health

|7| our apartment {we moved into a new place in september and it is SO much nicer than where we were before. we also got a special of half rent for the first three months which was such a blessing!}

|8| coffee 🙂 especially caribou coffee

|9| cars that run! {living in bismark is the farthest we have lived from our families and we are so thankful that we have cars that work so we can visit them}

|10| music

|11| this is us <- best show ever

|12| seasons {cherry blossom trees in the spring, lakes in the summer, crunchy leaves in the fall, and ice skating in the winter}

|13| sunrises and sunsets

|14| a garage! no more scraping windshields before work!

|15| communication {mostly via my phone to keep in touch with friends and family that are far away}

|16| and most important of all, salvation through Jesus.

i am realizing i need to make lists like this more often because if i am being honest it wasn’t easy coming up with 16 things i am thankful for. all i know is i am so blessed!

hope you have a great thanksgiving with your friends and family!




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