faux fur vest + real talk about snow




vest {in store at Bismarck location} | jeans | tee | sperry boots | lip color {fuchsia flood}

I picked up this faux fur vest from one of my favorite local boutiques called Lot 2029. I had been looking for a faux fur vest for quite a while but could never commit to one that was all fur. so when I found this one with just a fur trim I was sold! it reminded me of my favorite item from my first Trendsend by Evereve box. visit Lot 2029 online or find them in Bismarck, Fargo and Sioux Falls.

I just had to share with you the amount of snow we have been getting. so far this winter we have seen over 50 inches of snowfall and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. if you’re not familiar with North Dakota, we often get snowstorms into March and even April. its been a bit of a challenge to be a fashion blogger in the winter. not only does it get dark by 4:30pm everyday but you also have to navigate around -30 below wind chills and blizzard conditions. but this is where we live. so I guess if you can’t get rid of the snow you might as well go play in it!



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