5 ways to beat the winter blues


after the hussle and bussle of Christmas comes to an end, winter can be HARD. you go to work in the dark, come home from work in the dark, and it is so stinkin cold!

here are 5 ways to beat the winter blues and make the most of the season!

|1| new loungewear I have an obsession with pajamas and loungewear. I got these pajama pants for Christmas and tend to put them on the instant I get home. I also have been wearing these moccasins. I’m not much of a ‘sweatpant’ girl so getting loungewear that is as cute as it is cozy really helps me get through the winter. here are some items I have my eye on!

one | two | three| four

|2| read a good book  last week on instagram I shared that I started reading “the magnolia story.” I finished it in basically a day and really enjoyed it! I asked you guys for some other book suggestions and cannot wait to dig into another one. {present over perfect and uninvited are next on the list} reading is so relaxing and makes me feel less of a couch potato than watching hours of tv. snuggle up in your new loungewear, make a cup of coffee, and you’re good to go!


|3| home workout after coming home from work, the last thing I want to do is have to go back out into the cold and off to the gym. however, I need to work off all the holiday goodies I ate!!! there are some great workouts on youtube that I have found and LOVE.  XHIT has a youtube channel and some of my favorite workouts of theirs to do are legs, bums, and tums, thigh thinner, and 5 minute abs. if you want to do something a little more fun and upbeat check out shine dance fitness. it’s basically a zumba class but from the comfort of your own home! my personal favorite songs to dance to are cheap thrills, sorry, and my house. if one of your new years resolutions includes fitness goals check out my husbands blog rehab in motion. fill out the consultation form and he will help you come up with a plan to accomplish those goals.

|4| get outside some days are just too cold. I get it. but this weekend is supposed to get up into the teens {heat wave for ND} and I am planning to enjoy the outdoors. my favorite thing to do outside in the winter is go ice skating. I was in figure skating for years so I love getting back out on my skates and reliving the glory days. if you’re not into skating, you could go for a walk, cross country ski or snowshoe.

|5| bake I love finding new recipes on pinterest to bake. whether I am baking alone or with some friends it is something I really enjoy to do. some of my favorite recipes include this bread, trailside treat baked oatmeal, terribly terrific toffee {known as christmas crack}, and these oatmeal butterscotch blondies. yum!

have a great weekend!



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