minnesota girl





tee {from caribou coffee} | cardigan {old from hm, similar} | jeans | hunter boots

this tee just explains some things i love most: minnesota and coffee. this tee was a part of my  december wish list and my husband and i had to scour a few caribou coffees to find it in my size because i just had to have it. I grew up in minnesota and my parents and in-laws both live there. there are days i just long to be in small town minnesota out on the lakes. my husband and I have lived in north dakota for 6 years and we are really hoping that we can move back to minnesota after he graduates. {fingers crossed!}

my hunter boots were a Christmas gift from my in-laws. they always seem to get me something amazing that I have always wanted without even asking! but lets be real, who doesn’t want a pair of hunter boots?! they go so well with any causal outfit and are awesome in the snow. I know they are pricey, but I think they are worth the investment.  I have a trip planned for this summer and these boots will be perfect for the destination!



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