curl your hair with me


I recently bought this 25mm NuMe curling wand from Ulta after my beloved 1 inch curling iron died. I decided on the 25 mm size because my hair is just below my shoulders. however, if your hair is longer you may like the 32 mm (1.25 inches) better.  i love the loose curls i get with this wand and thought i would show you how i do it!

section your hair by pulling back the top layer at your temples. secure with a croc clip. {you can find the clips i use here}


lets get started!

you will want to divide your hair into even vertical sections. {generally the rule of thumb is to use a section the same width as the iron you’re using: 1 inch iron, 1 inch sections. however, I like the look of a looser curl so I take a wider section} wrap your hair around the wand away from your face until you reach the back of your head. I try to wrap as much of the strand as possible around the wand without burning myself. you may not be able to get the entire end wrapped around and that is ok! {the wand does come with a glove to prevent burning yourself, but I like to live on the edge and choose not to use it} repeat these steps on the other side wrapping the hair around the wand away from your face.

after you have finished curling the bottom layer, let that top layer down.

again, divide your hair into even vertical sections and curl away from your face. after you finish the top layer you may want to go through and add some extra curls to the side of your part with more hair.


after my hair is curled all the way, i like to run my fingers through the curls to loosen them up and make them less “perfect.” then i will finish with a layer of hair spray.


here is the end result!

products i used:

one | two | three



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