valentine’s day gift guide| for him


book | hat | tie | cologne |stitch fix gift card | shoes | chromecast

this book was one that my husband loved. it is such a good book about how to be a Godly man. we gifted it to my brother for his high school graduation and I think it is a book every guy should read.

you can never go wrong with sports gear for your mans favorite team! {disclaimer: I am NOT a Yankees fan. not even a little bit. however, my husband is and I made this guide with him in mind. GO TWINS!} he especially loves this hat because the style is “low profile.” it fits his head so much nicer than the boxy flat brims.

a new tie for all those date nights.

this is one of my favorite scents for men. I am really picky and luckily Andrew likes this one too!

did you know stitch fix has a mens line? check out the fix Andrew got here.

nikes are a great everyday shoe.

we love our chromecast! it is basically apple tv but for a much better price. {$35!}

hope these ideas help you spoil that man in your life!


*this post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*


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