the art of marriage


Andrew and I had the privilege of helping out with and speaking at a marriage conference at our church this past weekend called “the art of marriage.” we attended the conference last year and really enjoyed it. it is so nice to take a weekend to focus on your marriage and spend time with your spouse. some of the topics covered were the purpose of marriage, the drift to isolation, gender roles, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, and legacy.

we spoke on communication and conflict. we realized that the majority of our issues in these areas stemmed from our personality differences. we had to learn early on to try to see hard situations through the eyes of our spouse. we also had to remember that our spouse is not “wrong” they just think differently than we do and that is ok! if we were the exact same that would be super boring. marriage is not easy and conflicts will arise. we strive to confront the conflict as soon as it comes up. Listen to your spouse, be slow to anger, apologize when necessary, and quick to forgive.

this conference is great for engaged couples, newlyweds and even those who have been married for a long time! you don’t need to be struggling in your marriage to attend. there are always things you can be working on and it is a great refresher of how to have a Christ centered marriage.

if you don’t know of an “art of marriage” conference happening near you, there is another opportunity called “weekend to remember.” Andrew’s parents encouraged us to go as an engaged couple and we would really like to go again now that we are married to get the full experience. the content is similar to “the art of marriage” however it is more of a getaway where you stay in a hotel all weekend and learn from live speakers. I listed the getaways coming up in the Midwest. we would really encourage you to go!

Great marriages don’t just happen. Be intentional with yours.

weekend to remember


February 24-26

March 3-5

{South Dakota}

November 3-5


April 7-9

November 10-12




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