cognac crossbody |stitch fix no. 7





in a recent “crushin’ on” post I talked about a purse I had my eye on for spring. I was so thankful that my stylist saw that post when she was curating my Stitch Fix and sent me this awesome cognac crossbody! it is a perfect size and even has an expansion section on the bottom. i am really impressed with the quality and love the herringbone lining! this bag is a perfect replacement for the black tote i have been carrying now that we are heading into spring.  if you’d like to request this item in your next Fix it is called the “Octavia Brooks Crossbody Bag.”

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the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! our 50+ inches of snow is melting away and coat wearing has been optional. i’ve been slowly bringing out warmer weather pieces like these lace up flats to add to my outfits and it is getting me excited for spring!  I know it is only february, but i am really ready for warmer weather to be here to stay!


*this post contains affiliate links and i may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*

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