tips to get your best fix from stitch fix


if you have followed me for a while you know that I love Stitch Fix! I don’t get a box every month, but as the seasons change it is really fun to get a box of new things. there are times that I request specific items I’d like to see in my box and other times I give my stylist the freedom to surprise me with her picks. maybe you weren’t thrilled with your first fix or maybe you haven’t yet tried Stitch Fix but would like to. today i am sharing some great tips to help you get your best fix!

create a pinterest board

this is the #1 best tip I can give you. I have a board on pinterest called “stitch fix inspiration” that I share with my stylist. it gives her a visual of what my style is and what types of items I am looking for. Stitch Fix themselves pin items that are available to get in a fix so when I see something I like I make sure to pin it to my board! pinterest is where I get the most of my fashion inspiration so it just makes sense to share that with my stylist!

leave a note for your stylist

at the end of your style profile, you are able to leave a note for your stylist.  this note can include specific items you’d like to see in your fix, events that you have coming up that you would like items for, or even just more information about your style. one thing I am sure to include in that note is that I live in North Dakota. I wear sleeves 80% of the year so it is good for them to know that sending me a ton of sleeveless items is not very practical. in my last fix I mentioned that I was looking for something to wear for Easter. my stylist totally nailed it and sent me that adorable blush ruffle tank that I am planning to style with my white denim!

be extremely specific in your feedback

I think the more specific you are in your feedback, the more your stylist will understand your style. there are times when the style of a top is spot on, but the pattern is not my favorite. this way my stylist knows I like that style of shirt but would like it more in a different pattern or solid color. do not feel like you are being too picky. your stylist has never met you and this is a great way to help them pick items that are your style.

when you find a stylist you love, request them

when you receive your fix, they send you a style card with a personalized note from your stylist. if you receive a fix that is spot on, make sure to keep that card because you can request that same stylist to continue curating your fixes! isn’t it the best when somebody just “gets” your style?!

keep an open mind

one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is the surprise factor every time I get my box.  it is so fun to have my fix delievered right to my door and see what my stylist has picked for me. there are times that my stylist picks out something I would never think to pick for myself but when I put it on I absolutely love it! they are the experts so trust them and have some fun!

Stitch Fix offers styling for women, men, maternity and plus size! they have something for everyone. if you would like to try out these tips to get your best fix click here!


*this post contains affiliate links and i may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*

3 ways to style your denim jacket for spring

|1| casual




pair your denim jacket with a crisp pair of white jeans and a tee. tying the jacket around your waist makes the look even more casual and makes for a great accessory on warmer days. this look is so classic!

|2| girls night out




pairing my denim jacket with black jeans is probably my favorite way to style it. i love the contrast they give from the light wash of my jacket. this look would be perfect for a fun night out with friends. it is not too casual or too dressy.

|3| dressy




pair your denim jacket with fun spring dresses to add an extra layer of warmth. it adds a little texture to your outfit and can easily be removed. this look would be great for saturday morning brunch, church, or even a casual wedding.

this post was made with inspiration from Dia&Co. a company that is all about inclusion and confidence no matter what shape or size. anyone can pull off this denim jacket trend and i hope these three looks inspire you to rock it.


blue and white stripes with SheIn


one| two| three| four| five| six

one of the most popular trends I am seeing for spring is anything with vertical blue and white stripes. all of these pretty pieces are from a site called SheIn and are under $20! my personal favorite is number four. it has all of this seasons trends in one top {off the shoulder, stripes, bell sleeves} if you have never browsed SheIn’s website I would really suggest doing so! everything is so inexpensive and I have been really happy with the items I have purchased through them. of course buying anything online {especially clothing} can be difficult, but returns are an absolute breeze! what do you think of this trend?

this weekend we are planning to just lay low since last weekend was so busy. it is supposed to be in the 50s this weekend and throughout next week! so excited to not have to wear my parka! however, I can’t put it away just yet because lets be real it could be super sunny and nice one week and frigid with a  blizzard the next. oh north dakota…

have a great weekend lovelies!


*this post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*

the lipstick that won’t budge


if you are on any type of social media, you’ve likely heard about Lipsense! Lipsense is a kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof lipcolor. sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  my friend Amy recently became a distributor so I decided it was time to finally try it! I picked a starter kit which includes the lip color {I chose ‘apple cider’}, gloss, and an oops remover. all three products are essential so if you’re new to Lipsense be sure to get a starter kit! in order to give you a fair review, I used my Lipsense exclusively for 10 days. its been 10 days and the verdict is in: I love it!

for the past few years I have been a big lipstick fan. I can’t even tell you how many tubes I have. some problems I have noticed with regular lipsticks is 1. they don’t last 2. the color {especially bold colors} get everywhere! all over my water bottle, coffee cup, and lets be honest…my teeth! 3. the color fades and dries out. Lipsense solves all of these problems! it stays on all day long. once applied, it literally DOES NOT MOVE. you wont see any trace of it anywhere! the color actually chemically bonds to your lips so it is going to stay nice and vibrant all day. {your lips do go through an “exfoliation” stage to get all the waxy junk off your lips from other products. after that stage though the color stays beautifully} the gloss also helps seal in the color and keeps it looking freshly applied! have I convinced you yet?

below are the colors on my wish list! I tried “praline rose” in a boutique once and really liked it. I almost bought it when I got my first color but was looking for more of an everyday color. they also have different types of gloss! this rose gloss caught my eye because of the hint of pink!


TODAY IS THE DAY! I am hosting a Lipsense online party with Amy  from  “Amy’s Ever After Lips” I am so excited! if you have any questions about Lipsense or would like help picking out a color let me know. hope you join the fun!

{here is a facebook live video I did with more information about Lipsense!}



this weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday! it was such a good day spent with my husband and close friends. here is a quick recap of the weekend!

I am a firm believer that you MUST take advantage of all the free goodies on your birthday. most of the birthday freebies are from coffee shops and that is totally fine with me. we began the day at caribou {surprised? didn’t think so} and hit up two more throughout the day.


{jeans, sneakers}

{iced vanilla latte at Caribou Coffee, white chocolate mocha with a pump of almond flavoring at Gloria Jeans, and a caramel macchiato at Starbucks}

andrew took me to olive garden for dinner which was delicious. chicken gnocchi soup anyone? we don’t eat out very often so it was really fun to go on a date!


{tee, jeans}

we ended the night celebrating with friends over cake { which this beautiful friend of mine made and decorated} and ice cream while watching our march madness brackets die a slow and painful death. {i’m looking at you Nova….}


{jacket is new from stitch fix similar here, jeans}

on sunday, my husband took me to see beauty and the beast! have you seen it? it was so good! i had very high expectations and was not disappointed. they stuck close to the original story line, the music was amazing, and emma watson was phenomenal as Belle. we really enjoyed it!

thank you so much to everyone who made my birthday so special! can’t wait to see what year 24 has in store!


crushin’ on |7|


one| two| three| four| five| six| seven

happy St. Patrick’s Day and, best of all, happy Friday everyone! sorry I have been a little MIA this week on the blog. I’ve been a little more active over on instagram {@thoseprettypieces} and my facebook page! {those pretty pieces} did you see my first facebook live?

I thought I’d end the week with a new crushin’ on post!

|one| this peplum top is so cute! it looks really long which is a huge perk and this olive green color is one of my favorites! it is from Target and is only $14.99!

|two| have you tried the iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato from starbucks yet? it seriously tastes like a liquefied cinnamon roll and is so good!

|three| i just got this carry on luggage from target! {the champagne color I bought is sold out} I really love it and a review will be coming soon!

|four| I picked up this springy blue color from Tj Maxx the other day but you can find it here. they sell OPI and Essie polishes for under $5! what is your favorite nail color for spring?

|five| did you know that if you sign up to be a beauty insider at Sephora you receive a free gift in your birthday month? my birthday is tomorrow and this month the gift was this tarte blush and lipstick set! this blush is called “paaarty” and is such a perfect pink.

|six| if you follow me on snapchat {lgowen} you probably know that I finally got a new phone! I had been living in the stone age with my Iphone 4s and was in desperate need of an upgrade. I was very impressed with the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and decided to go with that one, in gold of course.

|seven| how cute are these rose gold sunnies? they are a steal at $12!

hope you have a great weekend lovelies!


blogger inspired spring looks

Showpo bright colored kimono all white outfit best smoothie in winston salem marc fisher wedges-2

source: southern curls and pearls

I’ve been following Caitlin from southern curls and pearls for quite a while now. she always wears such cute and colorful things and this kimono is no exception. you can leave it open like she has here or it can be tied in the front! adorable!

BlankNYC Moto Jacket

source: penny pincher fashion

my favorite part of this outfit is the blazer and guess where she got it?! Stitch Fix! I think the gray and dusty purple colors together are so pretty.


source: happily howards

this look is actually from spring 2016, but bomber jackets are still going to be popular this year. this is Erin from happily howards. she is totally my favorite. I would say of all the bloggers I follow she is the most budget friendly. she always looks adorable but doesn’t feel like she has to spend a million dollars on her outfits. she also blogs about relationships and strives to be an encouragement to her readers. go follow her!


source: for the love of fancy

this look is so sporty and cute. I have been loving both trends {button up skirt, and strap front tee} and think she paired them so well together!


source: elle olive harper

this look may be a little bit out of your comfort zone, but I love it! from the hat, the ruffle top and her pumps it is perfection! {her shoes are valentino $$$ but there are a few similar dupes here and here} I put myself on the waitlist for the ones from Sole Society they add such a fun element to a normal nude pump.


source: the lauren elizabeth

i think one of my favorite parts of this outfit is her shoes! you can find her style here but i also found these similar ones that i love! did you know she owns a jewelry business? it is called Elisabeth Ashlie and it is fabulous. be sure to take a look!

to see more pictures or purchase anything you see in these looks, use the link underneath the photo to click through to these awesome ladies’ blogs! which look is your favorite?