my dream office


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I have been dreaming about an office space where I can get ready and organize my clothing and accessories for what seems like forever! up until now we have not had the space for it. soon though, Andrew will be starting his clinical rotations and will not be using his office and I have big plans to take it over!

I talked about this clothing rack in my november wish list. I just love the idea of setting out my outfits for the week! this rack would keep them organized,  wrinkle free, and save me time in the mornings.

this bookcase is perfect for storing shoes, purses, and beauty products. I got this idea from this post on hello fashion blog. I don’t have a bunch of luxury shoes like she has, but I do like how they are displayed.

this mirror is 65 inches tall! not only is it practical for getting ready, it is also a beautiful statement piece to have in any room. best part, it is currently on sale for $63.99!

I am not sure if this change will actually happen, but a girl can dream! what do you think?





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