the lipstick that won’t budge


if you are on any type of social media, you’ve likely heard about Lipsense! Lipsense is a kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof lipcolor. sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  my friend Amy recently became a distributor so I decided it was time to finally try it! I picked a starter kit which includes the lip color {I chose ‘apple cider’}, gloss, and an oops remover. all three products are essential so if you’re new to Lipsense be sure to get a starter kit! in order to give you a fair review, I used my Lipsense exclusively for 10 days. its been 10 days and the verdict is in: I love it!

for the past few years I have been a big lipstick fan. I can’t even tell you how many tubes I have. some problems I have noticed with regular lipsticks is 1. they don’t last 2. the color {especially bold colors} get everywhere! all over my water bottle, coffee cup, and lets be honest…my teeth! 3. the color fades and dries out. Lipsense solves all of these problems! it stays on all day long. once applied, it literally DOES NOT MOVE. you wont see any trace of it anywhere! the color actually chemically bonds to your lips so it is going to stay nice and vibrant all day. {your lips do go through an “exfoliation” stage to get all the waxy junk off your lips from other products. after that stage though the color stays beautifully} the gloss also helps seal in the color and keeps it looking freshly applied! have I convinced you yet?

below are the colors on my wish list! I tried “praline rose” in a boutique once and really liked it. I almost bought it when I got my first color but was looking for more of an everyday color. they also have different types of gloss! this rose gloss caught my eye because of the hint of pink!


TODAY IS THE DAY! I am hosting a Lipsense online party with Amy  from  “Amy’s Ever After Lips” I am so excited! if you have any questions about Lipsense or would like help picking out a color let me know. hope you join the fun!

{here is a facebook live video I did with more information about Lipsense!}



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