3 ways to style your denim jacket for spring

|1| casual




pair your denim jacket with a crisp pair of white jeans and a tee. tying the jacket around your waist makes the look even more casual and makes for a great accessory on warmer days. this look is so classic!

|2| girls night out




pairing my denim jacket with black jeans is probably my favorite way to style it. i love the contrast they give from the light wash of my jacket. this look would be perfect for a fun night out with friends. it is not too casual or too dressy.

|3| dressy




pair your denim jacket with fun spring dresses to add an extra layer of warmth. it adds a little texture to your outfit and can easily be removed. this look would be great for saturday morning brunch, church, or even a casual wedding.

this post was made with inspiration from Dia&Co. a company that is all about inclusion and confidence no matter what shape or size. anyone can pull off this denim jacket trend and i hope these three looks inspire you to rock it.



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