tips to get your best fix from stitch fix


if you have followed me for a while you know that I love Stitch Fix! I don’t get a box every month, but as the seasons change it is really fun to get a box of new things. there are times that I request specific items I’d like to see in my box and other times I give my stylist the freedom to surprise me with her picks. maybe you weren’t thrilled with your first fix or maybe you haven’t yet tried Stitch Fix but would like to. today i am sharing some great tips to help you get your best fix!

create a pinterest board

this is the #1 best tip I can give you. I have a board on pinterest called “stitch fix inspiration” that I share with my stylist. it gives her a visual of what my style is and what types of items I am looking for. Stitch Fix themselves pin items that are available to get in a fix so when I see something I like I make sure to pin it to my board! pinterest is where I get the most of my fashion inspiration so it just makes sense to share that with my stylist!

leave a note for your stylist

at the end of your style profile, you are able to leave a note for your stylist.  this note can include specific items you’d like to see in your fix, events that you have coming up that you would like items for, or even just more information about your style. one thing I am sure to include in that note is that I live in North Dakota. I wear sleeves 80% of the year so it is good for them to know that sending me a ton of sleeveless items is not very practical. in my last fix I mentioned that I was looking for something to wear for Easter. my stylist totally nailed it and sent me that adorable blush ruffle tank that I am planning to style with my white denim!

be extremely specific in your feedback

I think the more specific you are in your feedback, the more your stylist will understand your style. there are times when the style of a top is spot on, but the pattern is not my favorite. this way my stylist knows I like that style of shirt but would like it more in a different pattern or solid color. do not feel like you are being too picky. your stylist has never met you and this is a great way to help them pick items that are your style.

when you find a stylist you love, request them

when you receive your fix, they send you a style card with a personalized note from your stylist. if you receive a fix that is spot on, make sure to keep that card because you can request that same stylist to continue curating your fixes! isn’t it the best when somebody just “gets” your style?!

keep an open mind

one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is the surprise factor every time I get my box.  it is so fun to have my fix delievered right to my door and see what my stylist has picked for me. there are times that my stylist picks out something I would never think to pick for myself but when I put it on I absolutely love it! they are the experts so trust them and have some fun!

Stitch Fix offers styling for women, men, maternity and plus size! they have something for everyone. if you would like to try out these tips to get your best fix click here!


*this post contains affiliate links and i may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*

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