my new favorite app


i just had to share with you this app that my husband and i recently discovered and love called Duolingo. Duolingo is an app that teaches you another language step by step. they offer over 20 languages to learn all for free!

my husband first downloaded this app because he will be going to Guatemala with his physical therapy class this summer. we both took Spanish in high school but struggle to form complete sentences.  he decided he wanted to learn as much Spanish as he could before he left so he can communicate easier with the people he will be working with.

my family on my mom’s side is Norwegian and we really embrace that part of our heritage. also, one of my friends that I met as a foreign exchange student in high school is Norwegian. I always feel so bad that whenever we talk she has to speak my language. So, i downloaded Duolingo and am starting to learn Norwegian! I don’t know if i will ever become fluent in Norwegian, but i would sure like to try.

Duolingo introduces new words gradually in each lesson. each lesson includes speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges to help you learn. you are also able to repeat lessons if you feel like you need more practice!

learning a second language as an adult can be a challenge. but with Duolingo i think it is possible! is there another language you would like to learn?



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