carry on luggage review


last month for my birthday, my parents got me this adorable carry on! this summer I am going on a fun trip and I have never had any nice luggage of my own. there were three things I wanted in my luggage 1. carry on size. one of my biggest fears is losing my luggage at the airport and the size also limits the amount I can bring so I don’t over pack! 2. hard shell. 3. fun color! I had my eye on this marble one but figured that may be too trendy for luggage. with all of that in mind we went with the Rockland Melbourne 20″ expandable carry on from Target. this particular carry on is not available in store. though it seemed a little risky to buy it online let me assure you that it is perfect and I am so impressed with it! here is my review:





i love all of the compartments. it is so nice to be able to place your clothing in the zipper side away from shoes and liquids.

the size is perfect! it even expands if you need a little extra room.

it is lightweight and the spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver.

it comes with a combination zipper lock

the price! it is under $50!


the champagne color is no longer available.

it is online only

if you are in the market for a quality carry on i highly recommend purchasing this one! it is a steal of a deal for what you get. so far i have used it for a few getaways on the weekends and i cannot wait for my trip this summer to test it out at the airport.



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