sunshine on a cloudy day





earlier this week i announced that i am now part of the Lot 2029 Girl Gang! that means that i get to show you all the fancy things that i find at their store! i am so thrilled to be a brand ambassador for this great boutique. go check them out in bismarck, fargo, sioux falls and online at

we have had some cloudy, windy and stormy days so i thought i would share this colorful floral top that i picked up from Lot 2029 in Bismarck. this top is amazing! the fabric is light and airy and perfect for summer nights. I love that i can tie it in the front. it is definitely more than your average button up shirt! my sneakers are also a Lot 2029 find and are only $16! they are a steal of a deal and are a fun addition to any outfit.  I hope you like this look! can’t wait to continue sharing my Lot 2029 finds!



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