lets talk skincare


{origins super star set}

Confession: my skin has never been anything to be envious of. I have struggled with breakouts and dullness since middle school. Some of that is hormones but a lot of it was laziness and not taking care of my skin. i really thought that by my mid-twenties my skin issues would be figured out. unfortunately that is not the case so i am doing something about it!

I am finally getting into a good skincare routine and have been loving this super star set from Origins! this set includes their checks and balances face wash, night-a-mins cream and their super popular charcoal mask. my skin is very sensitive so i have a hard time buying full size products until i know my skin can handle it. the face wash is so frothy and leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out. the cream is very thick and perfect for overnight. i have always struggled to use lotions because i feared they would make me break out even more. however, i am realizing that my skin is very dehydrated and needs the moisture so it does not look dull! i have been using the charcoal mask once a week for the past month. it is definitely the most popular product they carry and it totally lives up to the  hype! plus face masks are just super fun.

this set was only $20 and after a month of use i still have a ton of product left. my skin is still not perfect but it is looking more supple and healthy!




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