energy bites


-1 cup oats {i use quick oats}

-1/2 cup peanut butter

-1/2 cup ground flax seeds

-1/3 cup honey

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

mix ingredients in a medium bowl and chill for 30 minutes.

once they are chilled, roll into balls {should make about 20 small balls}

i like to add mini chocolate chips to the balls. its easiest to just stick a few in after the balls are already rolled.

these balls are perfect in lunches! i stick two balls in a snack bag and store in the refrigerator. they are kid friendly too! it is so nice to know exactly what goes into this snack and they are so delicious your kids won’t even know they’re healthy!




mother’s day gift ideas

mothers day gift guide

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mother’s day is right around the corner have you gotten your mom a gift? i’ve heard a quote that said “when your mom deserves and island but all you can afford is a candle.” i think that quote is so true. my mom is seriously one amazing woman and she deserves so much more than i could ever give her. however, she does like candles and that seems like a good gift idea!

3-wick candle: i am obsessed with these candles from bath and body works and for mother’s day they came out with these adorable candles just for moms. with summer coming you can never go wrong with a new scent! my favorites are: cactus blossom, tiki beach and endless weekend.

write the word: this is a great gift idea! i’ve talked about these bible journals a few times on the blog. they just revamped them and i can’t wait to get my hands on them! there are 5 different journals and this particular yellow one is “cultivate joy.” you can purchase them here!

make-up eraser: ok so this one has my mom’s name written all over it. it never fails that when she comes to visit she asks for our darkest washcloth to wash her face and remove her makeup. this make-up eraser from nordstrom wipes away all of your makeup {even waterproof} with just water! say what?! i think she needs it.

stamped family necklace: these necklaces are so pretty and a personalized gift is always fun to give! the large disc can hold 15 characters and is a perfect modern idea in place of a “mothers ring.”

Stitch Fix Gift Card: want to get your mom some new clothing but have no idea what she would like? get some help from a Stitch Fix stylist by getting her a Stitch Fix Gift Card! this is especially a good idea if you don’t have time to get to a store before mother’s day. you can either print out the gift card and give it to her or send it via email!

st. tropez self tanner kit: i have heard amazing things about this self tanner. the older i get the more i try to stay out of the sun. we all want to be tan but we also need to protect our skin! this kit is limited edition and a steal of a deal!

origins masks: this gift set contains three of origins amazing face masks. i have tried the charcoal mask and it is a serious game changer! this is one of those gifts that i might just need to pick one up for myself too.

hope this helps you out as your scrambling to get your mom a gift! don’t forget mother’s day is this sunday may 14th!


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crushin’ on |8

crushin' on

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happy friday lovelies!

this fun spring water bottle is from caribou coffee! you can use it as a water bottle or a tumbler.  it keeps my water cold for so long! i just love it.

normally i am a pretty neutral person but i can’t stop looking at this colorful clutch from target!

ok, you’ve heard me talk about Lipsense and even months later i am still loving it! praline rose was the second color i bought and it is my go to. if you would like to order Lipsense click here!

these $14 marble sunglasses are such a good deal!

i just ordered a fix from Stitch Fix and asked for some espadrille flats similar to these! espadrilles are really popular right now and i like them in both flats or wedges!

recently i’ve been really into graphic tees and i think i need to scoop up this one from old navy.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend! we may be heading to a barn dance tonight which i am super excited for. andrew and i love to dance so we try to take every opportunity to do that together! plus it is going to be in the 70’s all weekend! woohoo!


*this post contains affiliate links and i may be compensated. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*

carry on luggage review


last month for my birthday, my parents got me this adorable carry on! this summer I am going on a fun trip and I have never had any nice luggage of my own. there were three things I wanted in my luggage 1. carry on size. one of my biggest fears is losing my luggage at the airport and the size also limits the amount I can bring so I don’t over pack! 2. hard shell. 3. fun color! I had my eye on this marble one but figured that may be too trendy for luggage. with all of that in mind we went with the Rockland Melbourne 20″ expandable carry on from Target. this particular carry on is not available in store. though it seemed a little risky to buy it online let me assure you that it is perfect and I am so impressed with it! here is my review:





i love all of the compartments. it is so nice to be able to place your clothing in the zipper side away from shoes and liquids.

the size is perfect! it even expands if you need a little extra room.

it is lightweight and the spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver.

it comes with a combination zipper lock

the price! it is under $50!


the champagne color is no longer available.

it is online only

if you are in the market for a quality carry on i highly recommend purchasing this one! it is a steal of a deal for what you get. so far i have used it for a few getaways on the weekends and i cannot wait for my trip this summer to test it out at the airport.


happy anniversary, my love


how in the world has it been 2 years already? some days it feels as though we have been married forever and others it seems like just yesterday that we packed up our little life in Fargo to start our new adventure as husband and wife. each day i am reminded of how blessed i am to have such an incredible man as a husband. marriage isn’t always easy. it takes a lot of communication and sacrifice. thank you for working through the hard days and celebrating the great days with me. thank you for loving me and cherishing me. you are an amazing man of God and I love you so much! happy anniversary!

to see more photos from our wedding head to this post: |april 24|


5 ways I stay fit and healthy




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1. meal planning

you’ve heard that abs are made in the kitchen right? when I meal plan for the week it helps us to not eat out as often and also helps keep those pesky unhealthy foods from getting in my shopping cart {ice cream, chips, black and white trail mix} if any of those things end up in our house they get eaten way too fast and in way too big of serving sizes. I find if I can keep them at the store it helps us out a lot! Andrew and I do not eat perfectly. we try, but we often fail. sitting down and planning out meals that are healthy and sticking to our plan is what helps us be successful in our healthy eating.

2. walking

Andrew and I have a membership at our local YMCA. we try to go 2-3 times a week if we can. I am not a runner. I have some major knee issues {that my physical therapist husband is addressing} so I stick to walking. my goal every time I am on the treadmill is to walk a 5k {3.1 miles} at between 4.0-4.5 mph. when it is nice out we like to walk outside! I have calculated that from our apartment to the walmart parking lot and back is equivalent to a 5k and my goal is to accomplish that walk in 45 min or less! at the Y i like to watch some of my favorite shows while i walk {say yes to the dress, fixer upper} and it makes the time go by super fast. i sometimes even find myself staying longer than planned on the treadmill to finish the show. outside i find making an awesome upbeat playlist or listening to a podcast helps make working out more enjoyable.

3. barre fitness

this is my absolute favorite class to go to at the YMCA. it is a fun {and challenging} cardio and toning focused class that utilizes the barre for a variety of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga exercises. this 55 minute class works your muscles to exhaustion so your legs and arms are literally shaking by the end of it! taking classes help me to push myself because even if i get tired i know i can’t just walk out of the class because if all these other ladies can last the whole time so can I. if you don’t have a gym membership I wrote about some of my favorite workouts that you can find on youtube in this post.

4. drink water

it is recommended to drink half your weight in oz. for instance, if you weigh 140 lbs you will want to drink 70 oz  of water a day. sometimes drinking water is the hardest thing to do. I have about a 25 oz water bottle so I force, and I mean force, myself to drink two full water bottles worth of water while I am at work. That gets me to just over 50 oz and then I will get the rest at home.

5. rest

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your sleep. I realize sleep can be extra tough to come by if you are a mom, but you must try. generally 7 to 8 hours of sleep is what you should be getting. sometimes that is just impossible with your schedule, but other times it just means watching one less episode of your show or putting your phone away. when I set my alarm on my phone when I am ready for bed it lets me know exactly how much sleep I will get. this helps keep me accountable because when it says less than 6 hours i know i will be feeling it the next day.

following these steps is not easy. sometimes I really just want to lay on the couch and eat donuts!  when I do follow these steps though I notice a huge difference in my energy level and overall mood.  do you have any tips for staying fit and healthy?




my new favorite app


i just had to share with you this app that my husband and i recently discovered and love called Duolingo. Duolingo is an app that teaches you another language step by step. they offer over 20 languages to learn all for free!

my husband first downloaded this app because he will be going to Guatemala with his physical therapy class this summer. we both took Spanish in high school but struggle to form complete sentences.  he decided he wanted to learn as much Spanish as he could before he left so he can communicate easier with the people he will be working with.

my family on my mom’s side is Norwegian and we really embrace that part of our heritage. also, one of my friends that I met as a foreign exchange student in high school is Norwegian. I always feel so bad that whenever we talk she has to speak my language. So, i downloaded Duolingo and am starting to learn Norwegian! I don’t know if i will ever become fluent in Norwegian, but i would sure like to try.

Duolingo introduces new words gradually in each lesson. each lesson includes speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges to help you learn. you are also able to repeat lessons if you feel like you need more practice!

learning a second language as an adult can be a challenge. but with Duolingo i think it is possible! is there another language you would like to learn?